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Mother and Daughter

Classes and Workshops

Current classes and workshop offerings:


A neuro-affirming class for caregivers raising kids identified as autistic.

  • Looking for support that is research-based and puts your autistic child’s experience front and center?

  • Want to address the causes of your child's meltdowns instead of managing them after they happen?

  • Want to meet other like-minded parents?

Please join us and:

  • Gain a better understanding of your child and neurodiversity.

  • Learn practical strategies for how to support your child (and yourself!) in a respectful and affirming way.

  • Increase the harmony and connection within your family.



Weekly Topics

Week 1: Intro to you and neurodiversity 

Following introductions, we'll start to learn about how to view autism through a "neurodiversity lens" versus a "medical lens" and begin exploring the autistic experience.

Week 2: What it feels like to be autistic 

This week we will look at what it really means to be an autistic person. We'll learn about how the autistic experience can vary greatly based on how supportive (or not) the environment is.

Week 3: Family Life 

We'll explore what living as a family means and strategies for getting everyone's needs met. You'll leave with some wonderful tools and strategies for creating a greater understanding and harmony between everyone in the household, even siblings!

Week 4: "Parenting Autistically" 

Um, what? Though it may sound a bit strange, this simply means parenting with your autistic child's experience front and center. We'll explore ways of parenting that fit with having an autistic child. We'll also dive into the importance of self-care and what this may look like for you. You will again leave with tools and strategies to make this happen!

Week 5: Raising a happy, authentic autistic child 

In our final week, we will focus on “Happy Parent = Happy Child” and look at Autistic Pride and what it means to raise an authentic, Autistic child. 


Suggested Donation

  • $0 - I can commit to providing a short honest review of the class.

  • $25

  • $50 

  • $100 

"The Cothu course for caregivers of autistic children was incredibly insightful and helpful for my family. Jen and Christin were empathetic, knowledgeable and supportive, providing practical strategies for everyday challenges. The class created a warm and inclusive environment, allowing parents to share experiences and learn from each other. The resources, mindset, and techniques offered have positively impacted my family. We are all neurodivergent, and we now feel more equipped to support our child and ourselves! I highly recommend this class to any parent navigating the journey of raising a child with sensory needs.  This class gave a refreshing perspective about embracing your child just as they are. "

Ashley S, December 2023 Participant

Upcoming Class (online or in person)

Next class coming Fall 2024.

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